Hemphill High School Highlights
One Act Play
Bad Seed
By:  Maxwell Anderson

One ActOn February 24th and February 25th, Hemphill High School One Act Play competed in the District Competition at Huntington High School.  Hemphill High School One Act Play advances to the next round of competition with Central Heights and Huntington High School.   Alaina Dickerson, All Star Crew; Alex Freeman, Honorable Mention All-Star Cast; Dane Bundy, All-Star Cast;  Sam Allman, Overall Best Performer.

Cast and Crew:  Cami Allman, Sam Allman, Ashlyn King, Reagan Wall, Remi Ross, Dane Bundy, Alex Freeman, Trent Neal, Alexia Wynne, Alaina Dickerson, Cade Kittman, Angelina Yang, Alyssa Olsen, Macy Holcomb, Bo Conn, Alex Stepp, Alyssa Ramsey, Nayeli Flores, Yenni Flores, Lawson, Vickers, Destiny Stalls.